The page En torno a Guastavino Co. was born as a tribute for the architect Rafael Guastavino and constructive system development of his invention, the tile vault. The results of years research about this topic and its use will be recollected in the different sections of page.
His contribution to tile vault recovery and improvement is well-known. Rafael Guastavino Moreno was born in Valencia on March, 1st 1842 and died on February, 2nd 1908 in the United States, where he developed his activity. He was a master builder and Spanish builder and disseminated a vault constructive system that he invented. Since 1881 he lived in New York, where, after some difficult starts, he gained success thanks to his patent use about vault construction system derived from traditional construction in the Spanish Mediterranean area (Valencia and Cataluña), known as the tile vault; it was called in english Tile Arch System, Guastavino System or Guastavino Tile.
 The “Universidad Politécnica of Valencia” professors and researchers Camilla Mileto and Fernando Vegas have directed and participated in many research projects, dissemination activities and restoration works which one of the most precious construction element has been applied, that “allows to execute with simplicity and speed the most complex forms and has great resistance in relation to its lightness and the simplicity of its components”, like the architect Antoni Gaudí defined.